adjective - (especially of clothing) flattering a person's appearance.

noun - the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state.

From the moment you knew you were starting your journey into motherhood you started to become a different person. Not only physically changing, but growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally. Every facet of your being, becoming a mother. So often, somewhere along the path, we tend to fall out of love with ourselves. We begin to see strangers in the mirror and we lose who we use to be. We’ve become someone else.

What we are missing is this real, amazing, breastmilk stained, messy, beautiful, stretch mark covered, chaos coordinating warrior we have become.

So gracefully we carried these beings in our womb. Then we roared them earthside in one way or another. And here we are continuing to be their life force. That is pretty miraculous. Badass. Sexy. Beautiful. Amazing. Senusal. You are miraculous.

My mission is to show you just how amazing you are. To remind you of those last few, long, days before you met this love of your life. To show you the chaotic beauty in those first few days of new motherhood. And to prove to you that even though your body (and mind) may not be the same as before, you are still sexy and beautiful in a whole new unique way. I want you to embrace motherhood full force, and every raw corner of it.

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