The Becoming Series



From the moment you knew you were expecting. You started becoming a different woman. Not just physically changing, but growing mentally, spiritually, emotionally. In every facet, you were (and are) becoming who you are built to be. A mother. Often, while adapting to your new body and life, it is easy to fall out of love with yourself. Nothing is the same, and probably won’t be. But what you are missing is this magnificent, messy, real, chaotic, spit up covered, breastmilk stained, glorious warrior you have become. You are these small beings main life force. You gracefully carried them in your womb, then roared them into this world, and now you continue to nourish and care for them every waking moment.

That is beautiful. Sexy. Badass. Amazing. Sensual. You are beautiful.

My mission with these sessions are to show you just how beautiful you are. In real life. To remind you of those last few, long, days before you met this love of yours. To remind you of those first days as a new mother, and how they looked so beautiful and peaceful. And to help you feel sexy again when you are struggling to love this new body you were given. To learn more about each session, please follow the links below.

Payment plans available for each session.

Greenville Birth Photographer

Maternity Series

Starting at $225

Spartanburg Birth Photographer

Postpartum Series

Starting at $250


Boudoir Series

Starting at $225