What if I’m modest?

Being modest should not hold you back from having this special day documented for you. At our consultation we will discuss this in detail. I ensure that if you prefer to have modest images that still tell the story in it’s entirety, that is what you will receive. It is very important to me that you are comfortable while I am photographing your story.

What if I like to birth in the dark?

Many, many women prefer their birthing space to be dark or dimmly lit. This is an environment that I am comfortable working in. I do have a flash that I can use for your birth, and have used for the majority I have attended and documented. The flash is directed at the ceiling, most of the time with a white card attached to block the light from you. This is another detail we will discuss at your consultation. There are different techniques I can use to work without my flash to still capture the moments.

What should I wear?

What to wear is absolutely up to you, and most of the time becomes an “in the moment” decision. If this is something you would like to try to plan for, I always recommend a comfortable robe or nightgown, and a bralette. Birthing in the nude is very common, so where I will still capture the moment as is, I will also try using techniques to provide images that do not show your breasts or vagina. This is not guaranteed but I will do my absolute best.

What if you miss the birth?

There are only a two reasons your birth would be missed. The main being a loss of communication. I stress that communication is key for me to arrive at your birth in time to capture your story. I’d much rather be woken up with a false alarm, than a call that baby has arrive and I missed it. The second reason would be a fast birth. I ask to be given 60 minutes from your call to my arrival, but it is very possible that birth can happen quicker than that. In these situations, I will still arrive to photograph every moment and detail possible, and will offer a free First Day Session.

Do you photography Cesareans?

Absolutely. However, whether I am allowed back into the OR is to be determined by who is on call the day of your cesarean. I have been allowed back for many, but it is not uncommon to be turned away. In this situation, I would arrive before to document everything leading up to the moment they take you back to the OR. I will then wait in the waiting area, and continue documenting family and friends awaiting, and to document the first two hours of the postpartum period. In this case, I will also provide a free First Day Session.

What if you are your children are sick when I call?

Viruses, bacterias, and germys are all around us. With kids it’s likely to pick one up from time to time. In a situation that I feel I cannot provide the photography of your birth, I will send an adequate, pre-discussed, back up photographer. They will photograph your birth and then give images to me for me to edit and deliver to you.

What if baby comes outside of your on-call time?

I go on-call for you around 37/38 weeks and stay on-call up to 42 weeks, but this doesn’t always mean baby will arrive in that time frame. I rarely leave town, so this shouldn’t be an issue. However, in a situation where it is outside of our contracted on-call window and I unavailable, I will provide and adequate, pre-discussed, back up photographer. They will document your story and then return images to me for me to edit and deliver to you. However, if I am available I will still document your birth as planned.

If you have a question that may not have been fully explained on this page, please feel free to contact me.